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History of the Scholls Grange

The Scholls Grange #338 was founded during a meeting in April 1903, at the Artisan’s Hall and the Charter with the Oregon State Grange was signed in July of that year. C. K. Schmeltzer, F. E. Rowell, A. B. Flint, W. W. Jaquith, W. G. Hesse, and J. Snyder were some of the charter members, whose descendents still live in the area. Some of the Schmeltzer’s and Rowell’s are members of the Scholls Grange at this time.

The Scholls Grange met at the Oddfellow’s Hall [the second floor of the South Scholls Store] until the Artisan’s Hall was purchased in 1918 and has been our home since then, with improvements in the building, water, indoor bathrooms [1963], kitchen, and last the deep well finished in 2001.

Community fairs were sponsored from 1912 to 1917 and from 1921 and 1922 and continuing supporting the Washington County Fairs after 1925, putting in a booth every year up to the present, winning First Place several years and then representing Washington County at the Oregon State Fair.

Scholls Grange was assisted in getting Rural Mail Delivery, improved roads, Telephone Service, The Dairy League, Midway Fire district, improvements at Bald Peak State Park and backing Northwest National Parks, Tualatin flood control, and consolidation of the Groner School District. Other activities over the years included; musicals and plays, meals for fund raisers, 4-H camp scholarships, First Aid and CPR classes, speech contests, Boy Scout sponsorship [1966], Little League ball team sponsored [1983], and a recycling program [1985 to present].

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